We Are Always Ready to Help You & Your Family


At SRIOR, we are dedicated to being your reliable partner, always ready to provide assistance and support for you and your family.

Emergency Help

Count on SRIOR for swift and dependable emergency assistance, ensuring immediate help when you need it most.

Enriched Pharmacy

SRIOR's Enriched Pharmacy goes beyond traditional services, offering a comprehensive approach to medication management with a focus on personalized care, expert advice, and optimal health outcomes for every patient.

Medical Treatment

SRIOR ensures top-notch medical treatment, combining expertise and compassion to deliver personalized care, fostering the well-being and recovery of every patient.

Who We Are

SRIOR is a dedicated healthcare provider committed to delivering exceptional services, encompassing expert pharmacy care, rapid emergency response, and a comprehensive range of health solutions, all designed to ensure the well-being of our community.

Our identity is rooted in a steadfast commitment to excellence and unwavering support for the health and vitality of those we serve.

  • Committed Healthcare Provider
  • Expert Pharmacy Services.
  • Rapid Emergency Response.
  • Holistic Health Solutions.
  • Personalized Care.
  • Excellence and Commitment.

We Offer Different Services To Improve Your Health


Radiation Oncology

SRIOR's Radiation Oncology delivers targeted cancer treatments, employing state-of-the-art technology to optimize therapeutic outcomes while prioritizing patient well-being and comfort. Trust our expertise for effective and compassionate cancer care.

Medical Oncology

SRIOR's Medical Oncology offers specialized cancer care with advanced treatments tailored to individual needs, fostering hope and healing for patients on their cancer journey. Trust our expertise for comprehensive and compassionate oncological care.

Surgical Oncology

SRIOR's Surgical Oncology delivers specialized and compassionate care, employing advanced surgical techniques in the comprehensive treatment of cancer. Trust our skilled team for personalized and effective oncological surgeries.

Imaging Services

Our imaging services utilize cutting-edge technology for precise diagnostics, ensuring accurate and timely results to guide effective medical decisions. Trust SRIOR for advanced and reliable imaging solutions.

Clinical Services

Our clinical services provide expert medical care, combining advanced diagnostics and personalized treatments for optimal health outcomes. Trust us for comprehensive and compassionate clinical care.

Laboratory Services

SRIOR Biochemistry Laboratory provides an extensive range of testing services. The lab also provides testing for research laboratories and skilled researchers at the Hospital.